Elbow – conceptual gadget that lets you playback your old cassettes

Music is going through a nostalgia phase, with the resurgence of vinyl and now, with cassettes.

Elbow – is a conceptual, pocket-sized cassette tape player that is perfect for the mobile music enthusiast.

It features an arm with a single pulley to drive the tape, rather than the double pulley of a traditional box-like tape deck. The speed of the tape is tracked by an optical sensor, and the motor keeps the speed constant. Its biaxial arm rotates in two directions to play both sides of the tape. Turning the control wheel is like pressing play, and spinning it some more increases the volume.

Move the wheel in the opposite direction to fast-forward via a gradual speed increase. ‘Elbow’ has a standard headphone jack as well as mini-USB port.

Learn more about the device in the video below and through its website