Facebook for your business – we can help you connect with millions of users and grow your business.

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We can help you connect with millions of users and grow your business, Facebook is the world’s largest social network and it has had a significant impact on our society and has a huge reach.

As you know, Facebook is a free social network that helps friends keep in touch, you can post short status updates that are seen by your ‘friends’ – who can be anyone you’ve chosen to connect with on Facebook.

As Facebook has evolved, it’s become enormous, more than a third of UK adults log on every day, so the potential to get brand and product exposure is massive. The company is also constantly evolving its services and has a popular instant chat services – Facebook Messenger


Web Design Newcastle - Facebook Marketing Agency - MOTO Digital


and Facebook is constantly experimenting with new services such as – Facebook Live.


Web Design Newcastle - Facebook Marketing Agency - MOTO Digital


This social network’s emphasis is on personal rather than business use, so it is best suited to businesses that target consumers rather than businesses. Facebook has evolved into the preferred social network for billions of users worldwide, so how do you use it for business and why should your business use Facebook?

  • Strengthen your brand identity and profile
  • Promote new products or exclusive offers
  • Collect feedback from customers and prospects
  • Build customer relationships
  • Generate word-of-mouth advertising
  • Steer customers towards your website
  • Establish and demonstrate your expertise
  • Get found by people looking for your products or services
  • Create targeted advertising to promote your business
  • Help you find new staff


Web Design Newcastle - Facebook Marketing Agency - MOTO Digital


The hub of your Facebook presence will be a page for your business and it is possible to build a presence quickly. We can set up and manage paid advertising to promote your business on Facebook, the benefit to doing this is that your business can get in front of more people, it is still possible to establish an effective Facebook presence without spending a penny, and as this social network exerts such a huge influence, it’s wise to have some business information there.


Web Design Newcastle - Facebook Marketing Agency MOTO Digital


Using Facebook to promote your business

Once we’ve created a page for your business, we will sign in at least once a day if you have chosen to engage with our paid digital marketing support packages. The more we post to your page, the more likely other people are to discover and engage with your brand, services and products


What are you trying to achieve?

Before we start spending time on your Facebook pages, we will work with you to determine you want from it and advise how much time we will spend marketing your business, questions we typically ask during the discover phase include :

  • Do you want to be discovered by people searching for your products?
  • Do you want to promote yourself, your brand, or both?

Being focused on a particular marketing goal (or a set of goals) will help us build a community of relevant Facebook members who are happy to publicly declare themselves fans of your business. ‘Fans’ is another way to describe people who choose to ‘Like’ your page on Facebook.


We will make the most of your page

It’s impossible for us to cover all the possibilities of using Facebook here – particularly as they add new features regularly. The best way to proceed is for us to get the basics right, then try different approaches to determine what works well for you and your business.

  • Word-of-mouth recommendation is the most powerful currency on Facebook. Your page is the place to generate it, if people are talking about you there, friends who follow their comments will also see what they’ve said.
  • We will make your page a hub of engaging information. Sharing the latest news about your sector, your products or your business and direct fans to your blog for insight and analysis.
  • We will link to interesting or relevant videos, websites, podcasts and blog posts – anything that might build your reputation as a hub for useful information. Fans may comment on our recommendations and pass them on.
  • We will respond to questions and encourage discussion on your page and send regular updates to followers to let them know about new information we’ve posted. Listening (as well as broadcasting) will build relationships and give people a reason to keep coming back.
  • You can also use Facebook Live to stream live video. Facebook Live will allow your business to connect with people instantly, enabling you to respond to comments from your followers in real time.



Reward the people who like your page

Some Facebook business pages simply facilitate regular discussion and others go for bursts of activity by running competitions or making special offers as a reward for fan loyalty. Facebook enables us to define and promote offers to your followers, so your business can reward the people who have indicated they like your business.


Web Design Newcastle - Facebook Marketing Agency - MOTO Digital


Promoting your page

A well optimised Facebook page gives you an extra opportunity to get listed within Google. For example, think what someone would type into a search engine if they were looking for your product or service we use these key words and phrases within the content of your pages and posts. We will also join other communities and comment on their pages, once we establish your credibility, people will trace you back to your page. We specialise in promoting Facebook pages to reach a wider audience. You don’t need to invest a lot of money with us to get started, but it does take time to fine-tune ad targeting to actually see a return on the money you invest in raising your profile.


If your business only does one thing on Facebook

Let MOTO – Digital Marketing set up a detailed and accurate business page which features relevant keywords, so you can then reap the rewards of being discovered by search engines.