Google drops the shopping bag logo

Google Play Store Logo

Google has quietly rolled out a new logo for the Google Play Store, the new logo drops the shopping bag, leaving the colorful triangle as the new icon.

Google Play Store Logo

The new icon first appeared on Google’s new Pixel phone, the bagless design is now rolling out to other devices too.

It’s a subtle change, and the redesign comes with a big branding message, as Google continues to tweak logo designs, creating a cohesive visual identity tied to the clean, material design aesthetic that the company announced a few years ago.

A Google spokesperson said, “It has been on our wishlist to make the Play icon more modern, simple, and, yes, Play-ful. It’s tough to say goodbye to the shopping bag, but we’re clearly not playing games anymore. You still should, though, after you tap that cool new icon”.

via CNET