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Moto Digital has a great mix of digital skills, industry knowledge and personalities, we are tight team of perceptive individuals and we’re dedicated to our work and you won’t feel you are running the digital gauntlet with Moto Digital.

We have a deep understanding of digital marketing and what it takes to build a successful brand, website and social media presence, and how to get the best out of it, so let us take the pressure off you — it’s what we are best at.

As individuals we’ve worked directly and indirectly with many recognised companies and organisations, and just to list a few they include many recognised brands and organisations:


Web Design Newcastle Moto Digital - Andy (ref.01)
Andy Operations Manager


Operations Manager

What do you do at Moto Digital?

I’m the Operations Manager so I help steer the technical development of our product (workflows, infrastructure, testing, adopting new technology etc.), make sure projects stay on course and are delivered within budget.

I still enjoy getting involved with designing, coding and testing and I’m fully accredited with Google AdWords and Analytics specialist – Google Certified Certificates

I also buy the bacon sandwiches on Friday.

What did you do before Moto Digital?

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Computing. I started in the aerospace industry (BAe Brough) working on monster IBM kit and their relational databases. After a stint at the Thompson Group (Evening Chronicle) I moved to a document management firm in the centre of Newcastle where my scanning software was sold into organisations like Transco, NHS, Iggesund Paperboard and Komatsu among many others, my last role was Systems and Infrastructure Manager for a large Law Firm in Sunderland.

I built my first website in 2000 and my first Google AdWords Pay Per Click campaign in January 2006 and the client still runs their business entirely off this advertising.

What do you do outside of Moto Digital?

It’s almost all family time. I like the centre sofas at the Jam Jar Cinema in Whitley Bay, getting lost in the maze at Cragside in Rothbury, especially enjoy the castle at Belsay Hall or at one of the beaches up the Northumberland Coast. I can’t escape that computer bug started in 1982 by the ZX Spectrum but these days its all about Minecraft with the kids.

Web Design Newcastle Moto Digital - Shaun (ref.01)
Shaun Creative Director


Creative Director

What do you do at Moto Digital?

Drink far too much coffee and upset Andy with unrealistic expectations.

What did you do before Moto Digital?

Creative director coupled with business development and account management.

What do you do outside of Moto Digital?

Running and mountain biking when I get the time.

Web Design Newcastle Moto Digital - Chris (ref.01)
Chris Senior Designer


Senior Designer

What do you do at Moto Digital?

At Moto I’m responsible for full stack development with an emphasis on responsive web design.

I implement new functionalities for our applications and websites, I ensure everything works properly, essentially, I play with pretty colours, type and layout. As a learned man once said of me: “you are very very smart and make fancy style”.

I enjoy putting my own spin and dazzle onto the final products.

What did you do before Moto Digital?

After studying Web Design and Development at Northumbria University I relocated to London where I developed websites for the creative industries. The vertical markets included art galleries, fashion designers, night clubs and music festivals.

My graphic design work has been included in international websites, promotional material for artists, advertising literature for companies and logo designs.

What do you do outside of Moto Digital?

What is this ‘outside’ you speak of?

Web Design Newcastle Moto Digital - Frank (ref.01)
Frank Account Manager


Account Manager

What do you do at Moto Digital?

I travel the country shaking people’s hands and spreading the good word of Moto, introducing people to the concept of digital marketing.

What did you do before Moto Digital?

Before Moto it’s been a colourful mixed bag, I’ve worked in a number of roles including being a Police Officer, a Solicitor, but I really enjoyed my ten years in the Royal Navy!

What do you do outside of Moto Digital?

Work free hours are dedicated to my family, and of course you’ll likely find me in the pub garden.