PPC (Pay-Per-Click) – we're multi-channel advertising specialists, setting campaigns to drive traffic to your products, services and offers

We’re a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and digital advertising specialist, we specialise in harnessing the reach and power of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google’s organic and Pay-Per-Click campaign services.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google PPC includes:

Search Advertising
Mobile Advertising
Video Advertising
Display Advertising

We deliver successful pay-per-click campaigns across multiple channels – Google pay-per-click, Bing pay-per-click, Facebook promoted ads, Twitter promoted posts.

Pay-per-click advertising when implemented correctly, will drive quality relevant traffic to your website.

By focusing on relevant search terms, relating to you business products and services we can target qualified audiences on the display network –  Google AdWords will help you achieve your marketing goals and objectives.

If you are currently managing Google AdWords, Facebook and Twitter campaigns in-house or are working with another agency, and feel you aren’t receiving the expected benefits, get in touch with us and arrange a free consultation and free pay-per-click campaign audit.

We can offer a free PPC (Pay-per-click) audit to help you identify how your approach to online advertising can be improved upon and to drive return on investment.

The consultation advice can include:

Campaign structure and layout
Campaign settings
Ad copy and creative
Keyword strategy
Bidding strategy
Improving your quality score

This is available to all existing AdWords clients who are interested in working to further paid advertising efforts. We will review a maximum of 2 Ad-Campaigns or 2 Ad-Groups per audit, and this is a no obligation PPC audit.


Drop us a note, grab a coffee and let’s start the conversation about you, your project, vision and objectives. We enjoy meeting new people, love new challenges and exceeding expectations. So hopefully we’ll be speaking to you soon.