Creative content marketing – online PR, social media marketing and web content writing

Do not make the common assumption in thinking that content marketing refers to text based marketing like blogging. Blogging is as important as ever but that’s only a little bit of what content marketing entails – infographics, vlogs, pictures, videos etc. are all part and parcel of content marketing.

The purpose of engaging with content marketing is simple – you must reach your customer segment, appeal to them, create brand awareness, enhance brand values, and inform and engage with an audience using relevant and original content.

How Moto Digital approach content marketing.

The internet is drowning in meaningless content and information. As people who spend a significant amount of time online, we’re more aware of this than anyone else, and perhaps it is for this reason that we are so ardent about ensuring this kind of content is a thing of the past.

We bring our creative hands and analytical brains to the table, always ready to commit to creating something fresh, original and great. We’ll come to grips with what’s going on in and around your industry, find out what your current content strategy has provided you with, and take a look at where we can go from there.

Identifying creative concepts for content and the development of an integrated content plan will be formed around the identification of your target market. We find people who influence your market and create a mutually beneficial relationship.

This is just the beginning – as with all things digital, we will constantly monitor and analyse the data from your content marketing plan and act accordingly, ensuring your content marketing efforts never become stale.


Drop us a note, grab a coffee and let’s start the conversation about you, your project, vision and objectives. We enjoy meeting new people, love new challenges and exceeding expectations. So hopefully we’ll be speaking to you soon.