We'll grow your following and revenue with social media marketing

Social media marketing is about finding a voice, finding the right audience and engaging. If done correctly, you will increase brand awareness and drive sales.

Our approach to creating a social media strategy that will work.

It’s all about knowing where to go – who is relevant to what social channel and what message you can bring from your brand to this social platform. Tone, content and relevance are key; you simply won’t reach people by churning out meaningless and ill timed content. You won’t be likely to fit into every social media channel, so you’ll need to concentrate on some more than others. Most of all you’ll need to constantly feed these channels with the right content.

We’ll do an audit of your current social media presence and a competitor analysis that enables us to decide where you are and where you can go. We’re passionate about social media marketing because it taps in to both our creative and scientific minds in the areas of blogging, visual content, and data analysis. We’ve had the pleasure of guiding companies (large and small) in taking their first tentative steps into the social media jungle.

Let us help you take your first steps.


Drop us a note, grab a coffee and let’s start the conversation about you, your project, vision and objectives. We enjoy meeting new people, love new challenges and exceeding expectations. So hopefully we’ll be speaking to you soon.